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Highlights Video

Whether a dynamic conference or an amazing incentive destination trip, a highlights video that recaps the entire event will be the talk of your team, motivating and incentivizing them to increase production. By capturing meaningful and important moments, such as learning sessions, team-building exercises, networking with customers and site-seeing activities, then summarizing the event in a short, dynamic video is a sure way to evoke a sense of company appreciation and loyalty.

Opening Video

Energize your team with opening video that briefs, summarizes or informs conference attendees what to expect in compelling ways.  An opening video can set the right tone of the meeting.

Incentive Travel Video

Incentive travel videos can be a great way to incentive increased employee production. We create “teaser” videos with destinations from all over the world to build anticipation while keeping them guessing as they strive to reach their goals.  When a destination is decided upon, we create “reveal” videos to showcase the destination and resort for the company’s highest achievers.

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